I Inspire Me

Happy Think Thursday!

This week I get to talk about... me! I’m excited because I feel as though I have been giving all this advice on Thursday’s and I love each and every one of you who takes the time to read, but I’m sure some of you have wondered, “who is this chick? And why should I take her advice.”

Well, my name is Janee Tyler. I am 26. I am a daughter, a big sister to two brothers, a step mother, a mommy and a wife. I currently work as a pre-k teacher, I have a bachelors degree from UCONN (go Huskies!) and just finished school to become a phlebotomist because I have always wanted to work in the medical field.

These articles I write stem from sometimes just advice or speaking from past experiences. I have gone through heart break, lost friendships, insecurities and big decision making starting from high school and they have all been the puzzle pieces that make me who I am.

Those are some facts about me, but since this whole month has been about inspiration, I want to talk about what inspires me.

So many things do. I become so easily inspired that some times it makes me wonder if I seem wishy washy to others. I watched a documentary all about the way that meat is handled on Netflix and I stopped eating it for 3 years. The leaves change every fall and it always inspires me to want to paint (even though I never do). After years of admiring other women’s locs, I became inspired enough to start my own and then after 3 years decided it was time for a new journey and combed them out. The strong women in my life inspire me so much. They are the women I hope to one day be like, in my own way. My past inspires me to have a better future and to not make the mistakes that I once did. Many things inspire me. It all creates the person that I am, which inspires me too. I inspire me! At the end of the day it is me who keeps myself going. Yes, in the back of my mind I know that I have my daughter to take care of and my family to make proud, but I love to do things for myself. I love when I conquer new ideas and dreams of mine, and anyone who really knows me knows those ideas and dreams can change often. But, that’s okay, because that’s life.

Things change all the time, life is a journey and whatever inspires you to change your path, in a positive way of course, then I think you should go with it!

Be inspired,


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