Christy Tucker Sims

Happy Think Thursday!

Have you been inspired this month so far? We hope so and if not, we have a story of a strong women named Christy Tucker Sims that we hope will inspire you to love yourself as you are, to follow your inner voice, to always push forward and to learn to work toward forgiveness. We hope you take something away from this courageous woman. Here is her story:

Christy Tucker Sims is a 42-year-old mother of two from Atlanta that had everything going from her. Not only was she gorgeous but she also was educated as well. She achieved her Masters in counseling and loved her new career, however her life took a traumatic turn.

Christy dated a man for several years and although her inner voice, children and her progression in life told her she should move on, it was a tragic accident that made her.

Christy’s boyfriend threw acid on her face and body, because of what she believed to be jealousy and insecurity. This act left her in a 2-month coma and has resulted in 13 reconstructive surgeries. His actions not only left her fighting for her life, but also having to rebuild the relationship with her children as they had to undergo counseling to see her and to deal with what happened. She was also left with a feeling of guilt as her family and loved ones grieved over her suffering. However, her mother stayed by her side, prayed over her and put her trust in God.

Christy is still gorgeous. Her beauty shines from the inside, as she uses her message and experience to help heal and teach others. “Abuse can happen to strong, intelligent women... I’m going to use my scars to heal other people, I’m not gonna hide my self, I am a child of God.” Christy’s beauty is also found in her foundation which happens to be a lot like ADD because it is meant to empower young people to value their worth, however it focuses more on building worth to avoid abuse.

Christy Tucker Sims’ story has got to pull emotion from your heart and get you thinking. Whether you can relate to being in a relationship you know isn’t a right fit but haven’t left. Or whether the story makes you laugh at yourself for doubting yourself over something as minuscule as an arm or belly fat. Or maybe you’ve been down a road just as dark as Christy’s. Let her story inspire you to never give up on finding the light. Let her story build you up and give you strength and maybe when you are strong enough you too can share your story to bring others up too!

Christy’s daily mantra: “ I have fear but fear doesn’t have me,

I have anger but anger doesn’t have me,

I have scars but these scars don’t have me,

I am free

I am the master of me!”

Be inspired! And as always love yourself,


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