What Happened to Commitment?

Happy Think Thursday!

Today we are gonna talk about love and relationships and why it seems that people just aren't making the time or trying anymore. When we watch celebrity news there is the constant news of divorce, or sightings of your favorite celb with a new potential beau every other week. You may be wondering where's the commitment, why aren't people willing to put in that work?

Well, relationships are hard work. It isn't easy to constantly surround yourself with the same person. You may begin to realize that they do things that you don't like, and you are constantly having to compromise. Or maybe it's hard to juggle your busy schedule with the important intimate time that couples need to bond and get to know one another. Whatever the case may be it's not always easy for people to come out of their comfort zone and deal with things that they are not used to.

There is also the simple possibility that people just want to be "young, wild and free" and live the single life and mingle. Which is fine as long as that is communicated to the person who you are dealing with, it's not cool to string people along.

We also can't assume either, that the person doesn't want to try or that they want to be single. Maybe they just haven't found the right fit. I don't believe in forcing things. Love will come natural, you will know when you feel it and when you just don't. It may begin to seem that there's an endless cycle of trying with no result but I'd like to think of it as trial and error. However if you have a new #mcm every week that you're seeing then maybe it's time to step back, evaluate yourself and what you really want before you try again.

Speaking from the position of a newly married woman (yay!) who has dated her now husband for 4 years I know that compromise is ENDLESS. He does things that may drive me up the wall, but I know I do too. What's important is we work well together, we have similar interests and we inspire one another, so the comprises is nothing for what I receive overall, a great partner and an amazing family!

So let your love life inspire you, keeping trying and put in that work!


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