Be Inspired Not Jealous

It’s the first of the month! It’s October! & It’s Think Thursday!!

I hope everyone has been feeling inspired lately, maybe with the new fall fashions, colors around you as the leaves change or by the fairs, pumpkin picking, the smell of apple cider, doughnuts, pumpkin flavored everything! Whatever it maybe, we are going to focus on getting you thinking of some ways to add some inspiration to your life this month.

Are we all aware of who Jayh is? If you are reading this post today I would hope so, as she is the Founder of ADD :) In a video, which you can find on under the tab ADD Inspiration, she shares what her insecurity is... public speaking. She shares how speaking once overwhelmed and intimidated her. However, she didn’t let this insecurity knock her down but rather built the confidence to speak and say what she needed to say, because it mattered. This new found confidence helped to improve her weakness and share what she feels is necessary for her audience to hear.

What’s missing from Jayh’s progress of building the confidence of being a better speaker, is jealousy. She took the necessary steps to build within herself without being overly envious of someone else. This is a step we should all learn to go without on our journey to bettering ourselves. Inspiration can come from all different places, even another person but sometimes envy may block out the positivity that can be gained from learning from someone else. When insecurity is an issue it becomes that much easier to down ourselves and praise or envy someone else. Try to remember the importance of working on self, and that we are all different people on different journeys. Take your time to build on you and get where you want to be.

Always remember to love yourself,


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