You vs. Me

Happy Think Thursday!

I hope we have all been taking the time to think of ways to improve ourselves this month :-)

Today is all about how we see ourselves vs. how we see others.

I think people naturally place themselves in hierarchies, of whether they believe they are above, below or level with others. The conclusion of where you fall may be based on what the other person has or how they look.

However, that type of thinking is based on assumptions, and as we discussed last week if we are going to compare we should at least try to do so from an educational stand point.

I don't believe in anyone being greater than any one else. We are all people who just travel down different paths and encounter different circumstances. Circumstances which may be great and some which may be poor, however I also believe nothing lasts forever, so just as quickly as someone can be on top they can be on the bottom and vice versa.

Therefore it's important that we don't judge one another or ourselves. When we look at ourselves we should see ourselves as works in progress, or great and when we view others I believe we should try to see the same. I think it's important for people to remember that unless you have walked in someone else's shoes there is no way to know what they had to do to get where they are, so it's not for us to judge.

So when you see someone and they aren't dressed so nicely, don't instantly view yourself as better, you have no clue what that person may be going through, or how they may have had to invest their last. Also what's on the outside isn't an indicator of all that someone has, some people could care less to spend money on fashion, and it sure isn't the definition of who someone is. In the opposite case if you see someone who constantly out dresses you, makeup and hair always done, don't be so quick to bash yourself. Think of the ways you'd rather spend your time than in the nail and hair salon all weekend. Hey maybe you have kids and they don't. So your finances are set up differently. There can be so many different circumstances. We may never really know, so we should stay in our own lane of what makes us happy.

When you go to judge how you see others do it based off of their consistent actions, not just the first time you met them or their personality on what may have been a bad day. Instead look at the overall picture. How does that person make you feel? Do they bring positivity to your life? Let those be indicators of how you view a person. Work on bringing positivity so that when others view you and you view yourself there can be nothing but good things said and thought.

Think positively of yourself & others,


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