Why do We Compare?

Happy Think Thursday!

This week we want to ask “why do we compare?” It all began with school. Remember those Venn diagrams comparing and contrasting? Those essays: writing an introduction, comparing, contrasting and wrapping it up in the conclusion.

Back then we did it for educational purposes. Now we constantly compare through all the images we see on social media. We see snippets of people’s lifestyles and compare them to our own. Maybe it all stems from us learning to compare so early on, but I want you to ask yourself this:

“Is this comparison educational? Am I learning anything from these comparisons?”

For example let’s say that you want to be an entrepreneur, and you look up to Oprah. You may research her and find out when she started working as a talk show host; read interviews and find when she wanted to begin her career, what her daily routine is like. You may then take all this information and compare it to yourself and how you may be on the same track or how you differ and may want to change to be more successful. I think that this is an example of an educational comparison, where you are taking mental notes to better yourself based off of someone who is doing well. However, as I have said on many Think Thursdays, be patient with yourself! Oprah wasn’t built in a day and even with your positive comparisons, you may find that her way doesn’t work for you and that is also perfectly fine! Everyone has their own path to get where they are going, no ones journey is identical.

Oprah is an example of a well-known successful woman. I think it is okay to make some education comparisons to people like these that we KNOW are successful. However, I think we all can be guilty of comparing ourselves to people we don’t even know! People whose lives look interesting on the outside, but we have not a clue what it would be like to walk in their shoes, no clue if what they present to us in pictures is factual, and not an idea what they have done to “earn” the things that they flaunt before our eyes.

If you are constantly comparing yourself online to someone else’s body type, hair type, the fact that they are married, or have children, the car they drive, the clothes they have and are comparing to the point that you are tearing down yourself and current situation, I say you need to take a social media breather. Feel free to regroup, find the things that you love about you, and your life. Put confidence behind those things, believe in your blessings and then go back online. At that point you should be able to see the next woman shining with out throwing shade on yourself. A quote that I’ve been seeing around and love is “flowers don’t compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms.” Feel free to bloom, don’t stunt your growth because someone else is growing too.

We can all bloom together,


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