Room To Improve!

Happy Think Thursday!

Today we are going to think of ways to improve ourselves. When thinking of self improvement, we first have to think of self. Not what others think you should change, but what you know will make you better.

First think of how you operate. What helps you get things done? Are you are visual learner, or does writing things down help instead? If you are more visual, vision boards featuring images that motivate you are all the rave. Cut out images of your favorite idols and positive affirmations, paste them on a board and hang it where you can see it frequently. If you are a writer, write out positive affirmations. Join ADD and make a list of the positive changes you want to make. Or keep a self progress journal of your changes and how you are doing at upholding them.

That’s just the surface of change. Now you have to DO. Set alarms with motivational messages to get you up and going if you want to lose weight and start early morning exercises. If you want to think more positive of yourself, try keeping a jar of compliments and picking one everyday before you walk out the door.

Actions speak louder than words, don’t just say you want to do better, BE better. However, nothing happens over night so always remember to be patient with yourself. Sometimes it takes a certain point or crossroads in your life that you haven’t reached just yet to invoke change.For example nothing screamed “Janee you have to do better!” than when I got pregnant with my daughter. I spoke to loved ones more often, read lots of positive literature, wrote more frequently and overall just felt better in and out. It came naturally it wasn’t forced and I will admit that after conceiving her I found that I had to work at keeping up those changes. You may find the same, you may get the ball rolling and then drop it, but that’s okay! It is never too late to pick it back up again, we are all works of progress!

Love yourself,


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