Crush Those Insecurities

Insecurities. I think we all have them. It's either one thing we don't like about ourselves or something we tear ourselves apart about picking at every flaw we can find.

Insecurities can stem from ourselves or from those around us. There can be that one thing that you have always disliked about yourself or you can be hearing those same mean remarks that John, Chris and Frank made about you in the third grade. Maybe it goes deeper than that, insecurities can stem from negative comments made from those you love. Sometimes our loved ones can make criticisms that they don't realize we are already sensitive about and can make you even more insecure than before.

We all have insecurities but I believe we all have a way to crush them. CONFIDENCE. Confidence can give you the strength to accept who you are, the courage to embrace yourself and the power to walk with your head held high.

Here are some other ways to crush insecurities. Silence that voice in your head. You know, the voice who tells you, "you look fat" when you were just feeling yourself in the mirror two seconds prior. That voice that is a constant critic. Watch how you talk & think of yourself, sometimes we speak worse of ourselves than our enemies.

Watch how those you surround yourself with speak of you. If you're the butt of all your friend’s jokes, perhaps those AREN'T your friends. If you’re loved ones have more negative things to say than positive then maybe you need some space from those loved ones.

Lastly if your insecurity is something you can change, create goals to make that change! If it's weight research healthy eating and at home workouts to start. If it's your wardrobe, save up to go on a shopping trip. Whatever your insecurity maybe, be kind to yourself, and give yourself the time and space to conquer it!

Be beautiful & crush those insecurities,


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