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Big Booty Comic

This month A Different Definition is having an event called Trading Places. We are getting into the minds of men and the first thing we want to know is about big booties! Big booties these days are everywhere! You find them on IG, on TV, on FB, walking by in the grocery store. There is such a plethora; you begin to ask yourself, is all this real? In some cases they very well may not be and in others yes, great genes and squats have blessed some of these women.

You may be thinking, “So what’s the big deal? We all know men love butts. What’s your point?” Since ADD is all about beauty and building women’s confidence, we wanted to look at this big booty obsession from a woman’s prospective.

I think that a man’s love for booty should only be an issue if it is disrespectful. For example, if he looks a little too long, his Facebook likes are all geared towards behind, and all he follows on the gram are video models with nice assets. My advice? Speak up say how you feel, if it bothers you that he feels a need to constantly look at another woman’s body, especially if her body differs from yours greatly, then let him know. Ask him to put the shoe on the other foot and ask how’d he feel if you were looking at men that way. Although it may not change his interest maybe it will make him think twice about how he goes about things.

Ask yourself how important is having a big booty to you. Is it worth paying for (injections, creams, butt pads) if it doesn’t come naturally to your body shape and gene pool? Is it worth hours of targeted workouts in the gym? If the answer is no, then work with what you have! Although your man may like big booties and you don’t have one then clearly he sees more in you than your looks, or physical and sexual attraction. I think that is ideal, rather then to down yourself, praise that pretty smile, those brains or your sparkling eyes that snagged him instead. There is so much more to a relationship than physical attraction and lust, booty can’t keep him and isn’t the key to real love.

In my opinion, booty means nothing. So don’t trip. Yes they are nice to look at but hey, plenty of these girls in the media have booty, but very well may be lonely, unhappy, or insecure. Booty is just a body part like everything else. Just like you can be envious of someone with green eyes while yours are just brown, you can very well be envious of a thick chick when you just...aren’t. You have to look within yourself, and what you find important to you. Looks are not everything, that’s a shallow way of thinking. If you find that social media and mass media are drowning you in images that do not meet your standards of beauty, LOG OFF! Filter your friend’s list so your timeline and search are not filled with booty and vixens but instead filled with Goddesses and Queens. If fashion adds to why big booties bother you, girl find clothes that fit you and your body type! Learn how to accentuate your curves, big or small! Also find some one who will love you for more than just your body, because if that’s all he is looking for you probably shouldn’t want him anyway.

Always remember to love yourself!


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