Heart Healing Foods

Healing your heart can go way beyond emotions. Lets look at Heart Healing from a healthy eating perspective. Sometimes we over think how simple healthy eating habits can be.

Over at Health.com there is an article that discusses 10 Healthy Foods that are the best for your heart. Oatmeal, Salmon, and Berries are amongst those foods. Oatmeal and berries together is a great way to start the morning and help your heart at once. My favorite of the top 10? Spinach! Spinach sometimes gets a bad rep, as we assume it is gross from childhood. BUT when switching to a healthier lifestyle I found that Spinach was one of the easiest health foods to add to some of my favorites with out too much of a noticeable taste difference. Including smoothies, salads, sandwiches and pasta sauce.

​Check out the article at:


Huffington Post also has an article Best Foods for your Heart that has similar heart healing foods and a couple additional snack items that may be easy to throw in your purse or eat at lunch break, such as Popcorn and Dark Chocolate.


Let’s try to snack, eat and dine with Heart Healing foods in mind for the Month of March and better yet the rest of the year!

Peace & Love,


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