Do's and Don'ts of Healing a Broken Heart

Let’s be real, we’ve all been in a predicament where we have felt broken hearted. Whether it was from a relationship not going the way you hoped, not reaching a career/ academic goal, or falling apart from a close friend, things can get tough! The key is to continue to see the light even when there are dark times, but realistically that can be easier said than done! So here are some quick do’s and don’t just to guide you through.

When it comes to love: Don’t

  • Blame yourself constantly

  • Let the situation become you and bring you down

  • Make drastic decisions in the heat in the moment. It’s easier to get over a heart break than to remove a tattoo or grow back 10 years of hair!

  • Talk to every and anybody about your problems. Some don’t care, and others have their own stuff going on.

  • Stalk their social media.

  • Get under someone else right away. It can only lead to more emotional distress and drama if he’s a pest.


  • Take your time to sort through your emotions and really connect with how you feel and why.

  • Find the lesson in the mistake and make progress to moving on.

  • Make simple changes. Do something fun! Go get your hair and nails done add highlights or get some layers.

  • Vent to your closest friend or your mother. They always have a listening ear and some great advice

  • Log off! Unless you are using inspirational websites like the on you’re on now ;) sometimes Facebook and Instagram can just put you back to square one, feeding into comments under their pictures, looking at old pictures of happier times etc.

  • Get under a good book! Or a glass of wine, listen to your favorite tracks, meditate or binge watch your favorite Scandal season! Do you! Do whatever brings you peace in a rough situation but never give up on love or yourself.

Not reaching a goal Don’t:

  • GIVE UP! Never give up on something you are striving for. Even if that promotion you were hoping for was given to someone else continue to work hard and shine, there maybe an even better position around the corner.


  • Make your voice heard. It is easy to be over looked when no one realizes that you have an interest in the open position.

  • Your best! Always put your best foot forward, therefore even if you have to seek new opportunities in different places a good reputation should follow your name.

  • Organize. Prepare yourself to reach that goal by having the proper stepping stones in place.

Distance in a friendship Don’t

  • Once again don’t give up. If you have known this person for years although the relationship may have changed there may be a new way that your friendship can evolve.

  • Feed into gossip. There’s nothing worse than he said she said when you’re already in a heated moment with a friend or family member. Try to talk to the person directly for the truth.

  • Wait. The phone works two ways if your friend has crossed your mind and you would like to speak to them reach out!

  • Bend all the way backwards. In the same breathe don’t over extend yourself if you are not getting any response or equal treatment.


  • Reach out. You never know what your friend maybe going through maybe you are the exact person who can help them through it.

  • Express how you feel. Let your friend know how you feel about the situation and to your surprise you may find that they have some issues to.

  • Allow your relationship to evolve. You may go from party girls to occasional dinners or vice versa. Maybe you spoke on the phone every night to once a week. Factors in people lives change their priorities, and their availability, it may have nothing to do with you personally.

  • Know when you are being mistreated or taken advantage of. No one knows how you feel better than you if your heart is telling you to move on, or that your not in a good place by all means let it go. Some friendships are not meant to last forever.

So ladies, when you are down in the dumps over a broken heart just remember the bad times won’t last forever. So focus on finding and BEING the light. And if you look back and say wow I’ve done or am doing all the dont’s, it’s never too late to learn from past mistakes and do better going forward :)

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