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The idea of being an empowered woman implies that she is in control of her life. There is said to be a bit of feminism in this initiative, however, this is because the efforts and accomplishments of everyday woman usually go unnoticed and unappreciated. This leaves generations of girls who grow up as women who are severely damaged emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically. So many women need to feel that they are empowered and in control of their lives. Every woman has the ability to take charge of her life with grace, strength, and confidence. Knowing and loving ourselves is the first step.


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The Definition 2018

Jessica "Jayh" McCauley ADD Founder

Our Solution


A Different Definition, LLC offers an outlet for African-American women of the Atlanta community to encourage, uplift, and celebrate one another. It is a safe haven of support and education that has three branches- a different definition of beauty, a different definition of love, and a different definition of life.

We host a series of events for each branch of the organization. These events are a mixture of social gatherings, seminars, entertainment shows, fundraisers, and panel discussions with special guests and activities. Each branch or "campaign" educates women on how to love themselves, enhance their natural beauty, celebrate themselves through music and the arts, and overcome barriers of advancement - not only in their careers but in all areas of life. This is how we begin to build a better society for our women and future leaders.

A Different Definition


The world desparately needs more confident women! 

Honest and True is a concert series that allows artist to connect with their fans on a personal level. Songs are carefully chosen to tell a story that is honest and true about their life. With such an intimate setting, fans can't help but feel closer and more connected to the artist when the night is over! 

Honest & True

Honest and True Tour Coming Soon!

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Problem Statement

Uniform standards of beauty as portrayed by mass media negatively influence young AA women and their perceptions of themselves and others. 

Vision Statement
Young African-American women confidently define beauty for themselves

Mission Statement

ADD will lead young AA women to boldly define beauty for themselves, see beauty in their peers and create beauty in their communities by identifying their strengths, establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, conquering insecurities and developing strategies for positive decision-making.

The ADD Beauty 

Mentorship Program

For the parents
For Partnerships

Unpacked is a safe space created for Flight Attendants to get the tools they need to manage their mental and emotional health while on and off the job. Unpacked is a place to share experiences and create a community of flight attendants who care! Join us once a month to unpack!

 Flight Attendants only!

As glamorous as it may seem being a flight attendant is a very lonely job. I have gone days without a text or phone call from someone simply checking to see how I was. It saddens me to hear of so many suicides from fellow FAs. Non Flight Attendants may not get it but most Flight Attendants do. Don't forget to check on us!


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What is Unpacked?
Don't forget about us!
The Unpacked Series

A safe space for flight attendants to unpack their mental and emotional baggage.

beautiful Stories

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Your donation will go to the ADD Beauty Mentorship program to help with snacks, supplies, and trips for our girls.

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A Different Definition Now has several different ways you can keep the movement going where ever you go! We have music, books, and t-shirts

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