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Meet Our Bloggers

Janee Tyler

Janee is a mother to one daughter and a quirky stepson. A UCONN graduate, wife and natural hair enthusiasts. Enjoy her pieces as she speaks from past and current experiences in attempts to teach positivity and self love.

Kayla Cortes

"She is a confident woman creating her own soul satisfying journey. She is fueled by empowering women along the way through her writings. She wants women to understand that there is a life beyond what society imposes on us. She reminds us to dismiss fear and take risks! It's time to begin creating your own soul satisfying journey. You have a story to tell and there are people ready to listen." 

Ifie Brandon

"A creative, life enthusiast, Ifie Natasha has learned to view life from a unique lens. Her love for freedom, authenticity, and God have brought her an infinite number of lessons filled with insight and humor, which she shares on her blog, The Write Pieces.Her motive is to embody her tattooed phrase "be fearlessly authentic" while encouraging others to find their own individual truth. While writing and teaching, Ifie Natasha lives in Atlanta with her husband Xavier and her two kids, Brooklyn and Malik."

Rachelle Legentus

I’m just a girl who loves coconut milk lattes, books, good conversations, and music. A native New Yorker who resides in Atlanta, I have been writing since I was a little girl. I write about life experiences through the lens of faith. As I have become more aware of myself, God, and the love he has humanity, I hope to share that with others. Through my writing, I want to inspire others and show that we are more connected than we think we are. 

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